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How do you like your potatoes ? Oven Roasted, Boiled, Pan fried. Which is your favourite with so many ways to eat them its easy to vary your plate.

Add in the comments if I missed yours.


wp-15808335276385398204923858164810.png  Peeled, boiled, mashed with butter, cream, salt, pepper.

Chips ( fries )

wp-15808335293186933673175939409486.jpg     Peeled, sliced, deep fried.  

  wp-15808335285453759385427497496224.png   Unpeeled potato, sliced chunky chips, deep fried or drizzle olive oil over and oven bake. Then flavouring or your choice sprinkled over.


wp-15809348875587286705463621119201.jpg  Peeled, part boiled drained, coated with a drizzle of olive oil and          sprinkle a little salt and pepper over them, then roast in oven.

Jacket (Baked).

wp-15818563352998683791937930848750.png  Whole potato cooked/baked in oven. Till skin crispy.


wp-15808335282762871150492117570260.png        750g/1lb 10oz floury potatoes, cut into chunks.
                             25g/1oz butter
                             2 egg yolks plus 2 whole eggs
                             50g/1¾oz strong hard cheese, such as cheddar, emmental or gruyere.
                             50g/1¾oz plain flour
                             100g/3½oz breadcrumbs
                             olive oil, for drizzling
                             salt and ground black pepper.

Potato Rosti.

wp-15815297555516638073010583207605.jpg  Potato peeled, grated, squeezed to rid as much moisture as  possible, add salt, pepper. shape into small cakes shallow fried or oven baked.


wp-15818536164326617582778231668745.jpg Peeled boiled, till soft enough for fork to penetrate but not soft to mash.

Potato Salad.

  wp-15818526807728887902011132779351.jpg  800g small new potato
                                 3 shallots, finely chopped

                                 1tbsp small capers (optional)

                                 2 tbsp. cornichons, finely chopped (optional).
                                 3 tbsp mayonnaise, or to taste
                                 3 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
                                 1 tbsp white wine vinegar
                                 small handful parsley leaves, roughly chopped

Potato Pancake.

wp-1580833528957701909383735902501.png   250g cold mashed potato , or 2 medium-size floury potatoes,                                         cut into chunks.
                                     75g plain flour.
                                     1 tsp baking powder.
                                     2 eggs.
                                     125ml milk.
                                     1 rounded tbsp finely cut chives.
                                     1 tsp sunflower oil.
                                      knob of butter.
                                      crispy bacon and scrambled eggs to serve, if you like.

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