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Another Day keep safe with this virus


With another day comes the same as yesterday, with this virus covering the globe we all need to look after each other and follow the advised rules not forgetting to remember social distancing, keep washing your hands and avoid touching your face very important. Here are a few items to remember to keep clean your car/house keys, door handles, hand rails, lift /elevator buttons, cupboard handles, car door handles, window catches, your tin cans after shopping wipe them over, pretty much anything where someone else may have touched a surface.

With so many families who may be struggling financially at this time here are a few helpful tips.

Use the freezer to its full potential and try making extra meals for the days ahead, watch the use by dates and freeze if necessary especially the fruits, slice them bag them. If still you have bananas going black don’t throw them freeze them for a later date or make a banana cake today.

Try going without the milk in your teas and coffees or use dry powdered milk, mix with a little water to add to your pastry mix.

Keep your bread in a sealed airtight bag and if you have bread going stale make a lovely desert like bread and butter pudding. If your not keen on desert then make bread crumbs with the bread this can also be frozen for a later date and if you have a little minced meat, mix the crumbs together to make a meatloaf or burgers.

Plan your meals in advance so you know what your going to use or need the following week. If your going to roast a chicken one day make a curry the next with any left over meat.

If your making an omelette add in what you have which maybe coming to the end of its life which could be olives, cheese, ham, left over potato even a little vegetable left overs. Try Adding in some garlic, onion, ginger or chilli powder.

Buy the supermarket own brands or check out the reduced section to save a little and use any coupons you can find in magazines or papers, even check the manufactures web pages where they quite often give them away.

Try cooking more pulses like lentils, beans or chickpeas which are all tasty and nutritious also not forgetting reasonably cheap, plus they can be used in a meatloaf to fill it out. Instead of potato’s with a shelf life which are also difficult to freeze use dried pastas or noodles.

How about some treats, make your own coconut bars with a little time and effort using some desiccated coconut, icing sugar then forming the bars. Melting some cooking chocolate to give them a nice coat.

Here are a few links to get advice from around the world, I’ll be adding more advice soon.

Stay at home please.








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