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Lovely refreshing smoothie with no added sugar or flavouring just fruit and half fat milk.

I don’t know about you but buying fruit sometimes is a waste of money. You know when you buy a bag of pears, apples, grapes or peach’s. You just cant eat them all before they ripen too much and go off. So I decided to freeze them.

I found seeded fruits you just need to remove the centre seed and cut the fruit into quarter inch pieces, like plums.

Strawberries I would just remove the storks, Bananas first peel them then just slice the banana into quarter inch width pieces.

Place the fruits into separate individual freezer bags then freeze.

To make the smoothie in this one I used banana, strawberries and plum. Place the frozen fruit into the blending cup which came with your blender. Remembering to follow the instructions for your blender regarding weight and quantity recommended for use.

Add milk so you have appropriately 50% milk / 50% fruit.

Add the blade lid and just blend.



Blend until fruit if finely chopped and blended with the milk.

Then just pour into a glass with a straw and drink.


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