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My First day

My first day.

My first day.

Hi and good morning , this is first day and my first entry but will not be the last.
I’m a person who has always liked to cook, it was my mother who started me of, helping to make little cup cakes.

Then in my middle school when I was 11, you will laugh. We made cheese and potato pie I will never forget. For us at that age we thought it was great.
Over time through life I found that a lot of people need some help and guidance in the kitchen.

Which I really found strange as I grew up thinking most people can cook or at least beans on toast.
Will enter and open this site more fully over time , am going to be doing a little experiment in the kitchen today hope it works out. Till later !

October 3rd,  I came across my first ever cookery book and thought I would share it with you. An old Ladybird Book from 1977 ” Cooking With Mother “.


first day
my first cook book20181003_151444-2126239934.jpg

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