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Crushed/minced Garlic.

Mince Garlic with a fork.


Peel the garlic clove and then press it with the tines of a fork.


Scrape off the fork and press the clove in the opposite direction.


Scrape off the fork and press the clove in the opposite direction.


Continue pressing until the garlic is as minced as you want it. You can also keep mashing to make garlic paste. ┬áRepeat as many times as necessary until the cloves is as minced as you’d like it, and then pick out the hard stem-nub.

Mincing several cloves at once is one thing, but if you only need one or two cloves, you can leave your knife in the drawer. Mincing garlic with a fork makes the job quick and easy.

Or just for a small purchase a garlic crusher which can also be used for ginger.


What a fork is made up of.


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