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Smoking and BBQ

Smoking and BBQ. Look for the link to the Homepage near the bottom of the page.

Smoking and BBQ, which one?

There’s nothing like the taste of food that comes straight of the grill on that BBQ, that’s why I think Smoking and BBQ is a must for the outdoors.


There’s no need to buy an expensive Smoker, we are not feeding the 100’s. Under £50 is good, but its up to you.

This Smoker / BBQ which I purchased, I have found to be very good for the amount of food required for cooking, for just myself and 6 other people.

Took a little putting together but good value.

I found just one thing in the design, I needed to put a wooden spacer between the BBQ and the handle, to help prevent the plastic handle melting.  You can see this in my photo’s, a fiber tap washer would probably also do the trick.

Amazon good value BBQ smoker


Smoking or BBQ.

Smokers aren’t like the traditional BBQs you’re used to. Instead of putting your food directly onto the grill over direct heat to cook for a short amount of time. Smokers use low and slow heat combined with smoke and moisture to infuse food with a smoky flavour when cooking.

The trick is to smoke at a low temp for a long time. The minimum should be 2 hours of smoking at 100-120 degrees to infuse that smoky flavour into your meats. Of course, cooking times will vary depending on the cut and size of meat, so use a meat thermometer to make sure it’s cooked through.



There’s no need for an expensive smoker when your not feeding 100’s, under £50 is OK!

Smoking and BBQ
Was delicious
Was delicious.
Wood chips.
Wood chips

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  1. Whoa! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different subject but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Outstanding choice of colors!

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