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Items in the kitchen

Here are some basic items in the kitchen. See my link to the Home Page near the bottom, to search the site for recipes, money saving ideas, information and more.

Items in the kitchen





Basic items in the kitchen.

The items here are tools that I have purchased for the kitchen, which you can’t really do without. There are obviously thousands of other products out there, with prices ranging from just pence to extreme amounts.

Watch for the helpful links.

I will be adding items to this page, only if I feel I can recommend them as items i’ve bought myself and are worth buying. Also I’ll be adding hints, tips and tricks to help in the kitchen, remembering the name of my site jamesbasic.kitchen .

Mixing bowls you can get away with just one, but when it comes to using a sieve for draining, or mixing or melting chocolate you will find having various sizes a great help.

When it comes to knives there are so many to choose from. By purchasing a block of knives you will find that they will be all you will probably need. There’s not always a need to go out and purchase individual ones.

With some prices so high, you would expect them to be made of gold ! But also you don’t want to really purchase the cheapest either, (You get what you pay for).

As with many items, chopping boards are one where there are so many to choose from. We can find it quite confusing at times, it can be difficult to decide what you want or need.

Depending on what its going to be used for. You have size, colour, thickness, design, material its made of.  Use of the board and what sort of kitchen, be it domestic to use at home, or commercial in the workplace.


This link below is to a food safety company with information to help make a choice.


When baking pastry a brush will come in handy, for coating the pastry with egg wash to give a nice colour when baked. Or when brushing or basting meats with butter or oils. There are many brushes available with different designs, makeup, sizes and bristles.

This link has a few things to help and consider when purchasing a brush.


Andrew James Hand Blender 3 in 1 Set Electric with Whisk & Chopper Plus Bowl & Beaker | 5 Speed Plus Turbo | Great for Soup & Baby Food | 1000W | Black & Stainless Steel.


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