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Meal under a pound

Items purchased from a well known supermarket ASDA .

If your on a tight budget try to plan your meals in advance. Looking at the prices and quantity you can purchase, try to seperate into days working out to get a descent portion on each day also trying to reduce waste to increase your value for money.

Easy example Ham, egg and chips

Pack of sliced ham ( £1.50 ) split into 3 meals. 50p per meal.

6 pack of eggs ( 90p ) , 2 eggs per meal = 3 meals at 30p per meal.

1 kg frozen chips ( £1.00 ) can make 6 portions at 16p per portion.

So for just £3.40 you have 3 days of meals for just 96p each.

Where going out to your local you could pay between £6 and £10 per meal. So why not try to just cook at home and save up to £9 per meal.

Just a suggestion!

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