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Spicy rice and chicken

For an easy and filling comfort chicken dish with a little spicy heat.
Here’s the ingredient’s your going to need. For the measurement’s add to your own taste.

Corn Flour. Chicken Breast, Mixed Frozen Vegetable’s, Garlic Clove, Onion, Cumin, Turmeric, Cyan Pepper, Paprika, Ground Ginger, Coriander, Chilli Flakes, Sea Salt, Ground Black Pepper, Long Grain Rice. Fresh Chopped Parsley.

Mince the garlic glove, finely chop the onion, chicken breast cut into 1cm small pieces.

Boil up couple handfuls of rice just for 5 minutes so not quite cooked. then drain put to one side.

Get a bowl add the cumin, turmeric, cyan pepper, paprika, ground ginger, chilli flakes, sea salt, ground black pepper. add cup of hot water stir.




In a hot pan with olive oil fry the chicken till cooked approximately 10 minutes.


Add the garlic, onion and frozen vegetable’s cook for 5 minutes.


Add the rice.


Add the mixed water with the spices cook for a further 5 minutes. Mix a spoon of corn flour with a little cold water then add this to the pan .


Serve in a bowl put the chopped parsley over the top.



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