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Roast Beef



When cooking a nice piece of beef try adding a little more to make a flavorful juicy cut.

Grind a little salt and pepper over the meat with some ground garlic, little dried Thyme and Basil whilst in your cooking pan, put an inch of water in the pan with the beef along with half a small raw onion and a dash of liquid smoke then cover with silver foil.

Cook in the oven 10 degrees lower than you would normaly and give it 30 minutes more time in the oven.

When its been cooking for the full time you would normaly cook for plus the 30 minutes take out, remove the foil add quarter inch of water if the pan is dry. Turn the temperature back up to your normal heat plus another 10 degrees, cook for a futher 30 minutes uncoverd. When cooked leave the beef to rest for 5 minutes before slicing.




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