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Christmas time

It’s Christmas time again ! just a few weeks left.

Christmas timeWell the countdown has started, get those advent calendars at the ready ! 



Are all your decorations up and ready?

Spare bulbs for the tree if required?

Spare wrapping paper and tape?

Pull the old party games out and get ready to have a memorable time.

Here are just a few helpful ideas for your Holliday.

card games

What about some games ? Charades, pass the parcel, Christmas karaoke, truth or dare or just a game of cards, maybe snap or pairs.


make a list

Each year I always sit down and write my list and check it twice. (Have I been naughty or nice?)  What’s needed for the holidays as it can be stressful and guaranteed your going to forget something.

Add to the list each time you think of something, even if you change your mind later as chances are you going to forget and then kick yourself .


There’s nothing like being prepared, involve the kids and get them to add to the list too, they will always think of something you forgot.


Don’t overlook the obvious ones, spare batteries for the toys bought, for example the radio controlled helicopter for the big kids in the house.

Remote control or key ring batteries.


Party foods at Christmas time.

If your going to lay out a buffet (spread) get those vol-au-vent cases early to freeze, as you know there going to be out of stock if you leave it to the last minute. Cocktail sausages, cheeses, crackers, pickles, carrot dips, mini pizza, Onion rings, loaded nachos, ginger bread, nuts and this is just a few.

Brussel sprouts

Got the Brussels or parsnips ?

Try roasting the brussels in the oven, coated with a little olive oil and a sprinkle of ground black pepper and salt.  


Have you fuel in the car in case of an emergency, be aware what’s open over the Christmas period.




It’s also easy to forget the ones who maybe still mourning the loved ones they lost, be mindful of this thinking of others.

















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