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Eggs How

Eggs how do you like yours ?

A few ways to cook eggs, please leave a comment which is your favorite or if I missed yours. Plus check the links at the bottom.

 Eggs how? Raw?

Eggs how





 Eggs how? Boiled ?

Boil egg for 3 mins to have a yummy runny yoke.

Hard boil egg, boil for 8 minutes.







Try mashing a hard boiled egg for a great tasting easy filling.

Remove the shell, get a  fork, mash the egg with a  little parsley, little black pepper and salad cream (sweet mayonnaise).

Great for a sandwich, on a cracker, on the side or in a pastry case.


Eggs how? Scrambled ?

Add a knob of butter in a hot pan, break the eggs into the pan stirring to scramble the eggs.

Then just add a little salt and pepper to taste. On toast or on its own.

Scrambled egg
Scrambled egg on toast.

Pan fried eggs how?

Pan fried egg, over easy, sunny side up. or well done.


 Poached eggs how?

Poach an egg in water then place on toast.

Poached egg
Poached egg.


In a pan have your water simmering not boiling as this will disturb the egg when you place in the water.

Crack your egg into a cup, using a spoon make a swirl in the water and gently put the egg into the water. Cook for approximately 90 seconds.

Using a slotted spoon gently remove the egg and place on a piece of toast.


Egg, little milk, salt pepper whisked then fried in a pan. If you wish add in diced onion, mushroom, peppers whatever your choice.

Plain omelette.





French toast.

Sliced bread soaked in mixed egg, little salt.

Then fry the soaked bread in a little butter, until golden brown. Sprinkle icing sugar over when cooked.


French Toast
French toast.


This one isn’t for the light stomached. A fertilized egg between 14 and 21 days old, boiled. Usually a duck egg and eaten mainly from the shell.

Balut is the Philippine name for this egg, A food mainly eaten in Asia.


Links below.

How about a Quiche ? click on the link. CLICK HERE.

Or search for more from the Homepage. CLICK HERE.


For some nutritional information this is an outside link to a website called Healthline, I find it to be a trusted site. One I used at Nursing school for nutritional information and references. CLICK HERE.





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