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Beetroot and feta salad

Beetroot and feta salad a real tasty and easy meal.

Also please look for the link near the bottom for another tasty salad and information about Feta cheese.

Beetroot and Feta salad
Beetroot and Feta cheese salad.




Beetroot and feta salad 


Greek Feta cheese, cut into 1 cm cubes.

1 medium to large fresh beetroot.

Handful of fresh Brasil, roughly chopped.

Drizzle of salad dressing. Recipe in link. CLICK HERE.


Method for Beetroot 

Remove the leaves and roots from the beetroot, the leaves can be used in a salad. (Method Below).

Firstly clean of the beetroot in cold water to take of any dirt.

Place the beetroot in the middle of the oven at 200c for approximately 45 minutes, or until it is soft enough to pierce with a fork.

Being careful while the beetroot is still warm, peel of the skin with your hands or a knife. You will find the skin will come of pretty easy while warm.

(Remember to wear a pair of gloves, otherwise you will stain your hands).

Once the beetroot is peeled, toped and tailed (roots and top taken of), cut up the beetroot into 1cm cubes.

Method to mix your beetroot and feta salad

Put the cubed Feta, Beetroot and Basil into a bowl and toss together, then drizzle a little dressing over the salad. Ready to serve with tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and a little grilled chicken.

Leaves/greens of the beetroot.

The leaves/greens of the beetroot can be made into a quick easy side dish or eaten with your beetroot.

Remove the stems of the leaves and simmer the leaves for 2/3 minutes, then drain and place into ice water to stop the cooking process.

Drain the leaves well then roughly chop them. Place into a bowl with a little extra virgin olive oil, a little sea salt and ground black pepper.

With a clove of garlic, using your garlic press put the minced garlic into the mix and toss to spread the ingredients evenly.

Links below.

For a delicious Quinoa salad on another page. CLICK HERRE.

This link is to Wikipedia for some information about Feta cheese. CLICK HERE.




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