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Yorkshire pudding.

Yorkshire pudding.

Yorkshire is relatively easy to make, but important to get the ingredient’s correct. 

To eat either hot with a meal or cold with Jam (Jelly).

The ingredients is enough to make 10 puddings with the cups in the tray at 7cm width and 1.5cm depth.

Yorkshire Pudding


  • 1 egg. 
  • 70 grams plain flour.
  • 100 ml milk, full fat or half.
  • Pinch of salt. table or sea salt.
  • Drop of Vegetable or corn oil for the tin.


Pre-heat your oven to 220c.

Take a mixing bowl add into this your milk and egg, whisk together to combine.

Add your pinch of salt to the wet ingredients, then slowly place your flour into the bowl ¼ the amount at a time whisking together. whisk in the flour to combine together until you get a smooth mixture, the batter.

Place your batter into the fridge for 20 minutes to chill.

Now the mixture is in the fridge, take your 12 cup tart/pie tray and put into each cup a ¼ teaspoon of vegetable oil.

The oven should be to its temperature, place the tray into the oven half way and shut the door just for 10 minutes to heat the oil in the cups.

While the tray is heating up, get your batter from the fridge and give it a whisk to combine again in case any ingredients has separated. Now take  your 12 cup tart/pie tray out of the oven remember to close the oven door to keep the heat up.

Into each cup share the mixture evenly into 10 of the cups.

With the oven to temperature place the tray back into the oven again middle shelf, close the door, set your timer for 18 minutes. It is important not to  open the door while the Yorkshire is baking, otherwise you will loose the heat. Toward the end of 18 minutes just check through the window to ensure they look browned and cooked.

They may need a minute more or less depending on your oven. They should be ready now so take out and enjoy.



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