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Try saving more

Try saving more, a little all helps.

Try saving more





Try saving more.

Try saving just by following a few simple steps and ideas.



Start saving the money using a little observation and work.


Try swapping your normal well known brand to the supermarkets own brand.

Multi buys are good if your going to need to purchase again on your next shop,  especially if they are really at a reduced price. There’s no point buying extra items if the dates gonna expire.

Get to know your prices, sometimes you will notice prices go up on certain items for example bar of soap normally was 0.50 goes up to 0.65.

The following week the same soap is buy 2 for 1.20 or 0.65 each . That’s an overprice of the previous price of 0.10 each bar still.

Leave the product and wait. In most cases the price will go back to the original price of 0.50 the following month or week. If you can wait that long.

At times there are real bargains especially at the checkout. Chocolate bars reduced by 25% for example, the supermarkets are hoping for an instant, impulse purchase as it tends to sell more smaller items.

That’s good for them as they are working on turnover. It’s better to sell 100 and only make 0.03 per item, than 10 and only get 0.09 per item profit.

Check online, print vouchers/coupons. Go to a manufacturer’s Web site, as at times they maybe giving out coupons. Even free samples and product vouchers.

One more item, try to buy product with less packaging, or that can be recycled.

Try a price comparison site and try saving more.



When shopping and checking prices don’t be fooled by some of the promotions on offer.

Compare the price per kg or per 100 grams. It may be cheaper to buy two packs of pears for example instead on the one large pack being advertised, at a cheaper price.

If the pears are being sold as a pack with a lower price making it look cheaper. Weigh the pack of fruits on the supermarket scales, then compare prices per weight.

Looking at the promotions for larger pack sizes compared to small sizes.

Examples to try saving more.

You may buy for example a pack of nuts. 500 grams for 2.50 compared to 250 grams for 1.50. But will you actually need that extra 250 grams. It may go to waste especially if short dated. Just purchase the 1.50, 250 gram pack and save that 1.00.

Check out the reduced price section, fruits if your not going to use them that’s ok, freeze them and make smoothies and save money .


When you do come across a great deal for buying say a pack of 12 sausages . Your only going to eat 4 the rest may be wasted. The 8 left separate them into two 4 pack and freeze them. Easy to defrost, but remember freeze on day of purchase.


Eggs used to be one of my bugs, always bought 15 pack thinking I’ll use them. Plan to use them or instead buy just 6. As each month I ending up throwing away 5 or 6 .

Keep Saving

Learn what time of day the supermarket reduces it’s chilled products like sandwiches or fruits. Also Look out for the discount yellow pricing labels.

Remember if you don’t normally purchase something, for example you notice a blender reduced 70 – 80 %, do you really need it ? 

Yes you could be saving £20, but why if it’s going to just sit in the bottom of the cupboard or used just once.

Go online, do a Google search for specific items for vouchers / coupons. Some you need to print where some come by post or email.



Don’t worry if you miss a promotion for example on washing powders in one supermarket, the chances are one of their competitors will follow suit after maybe the week after.



I hope you found this small piece helpful. The link below is to a page with a few links to money saving sites. Some I have used. https://jamesbasic.kitchen/2019/11/17/save-money-coupon-voucher-links/ 

Search jamesbasic.kithcen for more recipes, money saving tips and more, from the main page look for the Search Box. CLICK HERE.

Thankyou .




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